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Grandma's Recipes Made Simple for Today's Families



Grandma's Pantry began from great memories created with my grandma, great-grandma plus a passion of food creation and desire of healthier food that doesn't contain all of those names that cannot be pronounced or even spelled. 

"Helping others achieve their dreams while bringing families back to the table. "

- Mission Statement

We provide high-quality products that are:

~ Made to order;

~ Made with no preservatives;

~ Most of the mixes are gluten-free;

~ The jams and syrups are made in batches frequently

~ We offer Gift Ideas

                                        ~ We offer a way for you to work for yourself.

                                        ~ We offer great way for your organization to earn 50% 
                                            proceeds on a fundraiser. 

The "Why's" to Get Back to the Kitchen with our easy to make mixes



When was the last time you took a bite of something you made and fell in love with that amazing flavor?

Did you do that "dance" that happens when you do?

Did you share it with your family and/or friends?

How did it make you feel?


Do you have kiddo's?

Do you have a family and tend to eat in front of the TV?

Do you feel your family is lacking in conversation?

This company came to be due to being blessed in the memories of not only having dinner around the table every night, but opening the table up to those kids that needed a meal.  To this day, those kids stay in touch and remind me of their memories.

Something as simple as a 30 minute meal can create and change a life and world of someone.


No matter how tired or the attitudes of the kids, trust me when I say that once they become adults (and sometimes not until they have children of their own), they will appreciate the love in the food you created for them.

It is so great to hear, "Mom, I miss your cooking".

Why not start some memories and foods of your own today?